Florida yard sales a treasure trove

Florida yard sales a treasure trove

Sorting out the stash - "What do you mean I can't have it all?"

On our trips to Florida we go to the beach, go out in the boat,  maybe go to a zoo or take a nature walk.  And, during most visits, I also manage to get to a few yard sales. My father is building machines in his garage and his Friday and Saturday mornings are often  a great big shopping safari for hand tools, power tools, motors, electrical supplies, nuts, bolts, etc.The ROI on his finds can be huge – expensive tools and equipment for only pennies on the dollar.  For me, in my quest for sewing goods, while the dollar value may not be as great, the enjoyment of the hunt is equally as rewarding.   Equipped with GPS and the local newspaper  – which we have carefully studied in advance –  off we go!

$1.00 for a box of stuff that looks interesting, maybe fifty cents for a bag stuffed full of zippers & bias tape…

Inventory: 12 zippers including two 24 inch; 5 yards 1" elastic nib; 12 unopened packages of bias tape, rick rack & seam binding; 9 partial pkg bias tape; assorted snaps, hook & eye sets; 1 vintage tape measure; 10 wooden spools of thread (love these spools!); 15 other spools of thread, some unopened; 4 embroidered appliques (what will I do with these!); button shanks!; 20 skeins of embroidery thread; 4 dress basic dress patterns ( I'll use these to build on); and 1 small piece of fabric.


embroidery skeins five cents each
Cranston Printworks fabric. Printed in USA! http://www.cranstonvillage.com/

Total $$ spent: less than $4.  (I overpaid for the patterns @ .50 each).  There is a purpose for most of this stuff, but I really should challenge myself to incorporate some of the less familiar items  into my projects.  I confess I’ve never used button shanks!

Old notions. 10 cents for a card of buttons!

I love the old packaging – bias tape 19 cents. Imagine.. who might have originally bought these notions?  What were they were to be used for?

Heavy duty sewing needles. Alternatively can be used as weapons!





These linen napkins, which were 6 for $1,  are beautiful  – with only a few yellow spots. I will probably dye and print them.

Irish linen napkins. "Made in Ireland" is incorporated into the design near the hem, barely visible. Love the craftsmanship!