Download & Print Patterns

Download & Print Patterns

Downloadable patterns are a bit of a bear.  Not insurmountable but definitely tedious and time consuming.  I’ve only recently bought a sewing machine and thrown myself full force into sewing, spending most of my free-time (yes, I do have a full-time job) shopping for fabric & buttons, cutting out patterns, ironing and sewing; unfortunately some time is lost when I have to clean up all the bits of thread and fabric scraps that seem to very quickly take over our small living room and are tracked throughout our flat.  I’m starting to find thread EVERYWHERE.  At the time of my sewing machine purchase I wasn’t very familiar with the “sewing” hot spots in London – I had no idea where to go to buy a pattern.  No Jo Ann’s or Michael’s to be found.  After a few Google searches I realized I could buy patterns online – most major pattern brands have an online offering.  Check out  I decided on a few patterns and went for it.


I’m very happy with my patterns now that they are ready to use but would offer this advice for anyone considering a downloadable pattern:

Prepare yourself for the following:

– 30+ pages of printed A4 paper (remember I make baby & toddler clothes

– Lots of cutting & taping

– Hour+ time commitment – unless you are extraordinarily speedy with a pair of scissors

A few hopefully helpful tips:

– Row are horizontal, columns are veritcal

– Make sure all patterns pieces are whole (all pieces taped together) before removing them from the grid – little pieces can easily be mistaken for scraps

– Be patient!  You will finish eventually and when you do you’ll be extremely happy with your hard work!