Ruffles for Nevaeh

Ruffles for Nevaeh

Every busy girl needs a fun dress!

McCall’s Pattern 6270  – an absolutely adorable & easy to make toddler dress (as long as you don’t mind sewing ruffles!)  Where is that serger when I need it?

I changed up this sleeveless dress pattern by adding some little puffed sleeves. I chose a soft & comfy knit for the bodice, sleeves and one of the ruffles.

The ruffle prints are from Jo-Ann’s tutti fruitti collections. I was in too much of a hurry (ie – too lazy) to line the dress as the pattern calls for.

Neckline detail. Recycled binding from an adult t-shirt stabilized the stretchy bodice fabric and is much softer than seam binding

Instead of using seam binding to finish the neckline I recycled the neck binding from an old pink striped adult t-shirt. I had used the t-shirt for something else and had cut off the neck binding and saved it. Good thing I didn’t throw it away!