A Shout Out to My Mom

A Shout Out to My Mom

I’ve been thinking a lot of about weddings lately – hard not to living in London where Kate & Wills are boldly displayed in the windows of nearly every storefront.  My cousin is also getting married a week from Saturday (can’t wait!!), so I have weddings on the brain.  As such, I thought it was an appropriate time to reminisce about my wedding (ok, ok it was only eight months ago but still).  Specifically, I want to spotlight the amazing seamstress I found to make my flower girl dresses and my cathedral length veil.  Drumroll please…….MY MOM!

If you follow our blog you’ve already realized that my mom is an incredibly talented women.  She is a gifted artist, specializing in mixed media art (you should see her fish & nature prints, they’re brilliant!  She recently shared her passion by teaching a local class on nature printing).  A seamstress, you name it she can sew it.

Seriously, check out the dress pictured above.  It’s gorgeous. Should be on the cover of a magazine.  As mentioned in a previous post by my mom, the bodice and covered buttons are made from the lace of my grandmother’s wedding dress – a very special way for my grandmother to be a part of my wedding.  These dresses were part of my inspiration to start sewing infant/toddler dresses myself.  I haven’t taken on the challenge of sewing silk yet but it has been calling my name lately – I think I can hear it all the way from the Beijing Fabric Market.

She also whipped together my veil which to many would be a daunting task.  Not her.  After visiting a couple bridal shops and trying on countless dresses and a few veils she determined that she could make me a veil.  Sounded fabulous to me especially after catching a glance of the veils’ price tags.

It was just what I wanted, cathedral length & simple.

If you’re planning a wedding, take a minute to think about all (anything) the things you (or your mom/friends/etc.) can make to be a part of your big day.  It could potentially save you a bundle of money while adding a personal touch to your wedding.

Photos by Mikayla Anania