The python sheds her skin – the video

The python sheds her skin – the video

The carpet python wiggles her way into a fresh new look.

What do you do with a shed snakeskin?  (aka snake shed)

If you’re me you would want to print with it!  But first it had to be unrolled, cut open, and spread out to dry.

8 foot long snake shed
Freshly shed skin - translucent & shimmering

This was her head piece. Look at the eyecoverings - just like little goggles
Pinned out to dry

Watch future posts for adventures in snake skin printing!

The Snake and the Singer (sewing machine)

The Snake and the Singer (sewing machine)

Snakes Alive!!

Just to keep things interesting at our home is now serving as a temporary holding place for rescue snakes – i.e. pet snakes that people don’t want anymore. We already have tree frogs, anoles, and some fish of our own, plus a few caterpillars that we are watching turn into butterflies in a container.  Two eight foot long snakes – a boa and a carpet python  –  are living in our den temporarily.  My husband, an amateur herpetologist and member of the Maine Herpetological Society, is now a snake rescuer.  I guess that makes me the den mother.  This guy posing on my sewing machine is a carpet python.

What do snakes have to do with sewing?  About an hour after our photo shoot this one shed his skin – amazing to watch. The shed skin is now drying in our dining room mounted on to cardboard with straight pins. Every nature printer’s dream – an 8 foot long shed snake skin!  Just imagine all the fabric that I can print with that!

I never had a sewing machine for a friend
His tail only needed a little mending
As a "carpet" python he has always been interested in fabric
snake with mouth open
Hey! I think I'll hang here for awhile