Chlorox & thiox & dye – oh my!

Chlorox & thiox & dye – oh my!

Remember Carol Soderlund’s “dyeing to discharge” class that I went to a couple of weeks ago?  You must be “dyeing” to learn more!  We took color out, put color in, then took more out, then maybe put more in. We worked 9 -10 hours a day. As I learned how to add depth and interest to my humble cotton cloth my classmates were creating many beautiful pieces in cotton, rayon, silk & even silk/cotton blend. Gradually complex cloth began to come to life in our hands.

clamping & tying black fabric in preparation for a bleach solutions bath
Post bleach - most of the blacks have turned to rust colors. Mine is the one with the big washer.

following processing, washing & drying the fabric is reclamped or tied
these samples are now headed to a thiox solution bath

Further work included experimenting with thickened bleach solution and thickened thiox (not shown here I was way too engrossed in my work to remember to take photos) using theromfax screens, paint brushes, rollers & rubber stamps.

Lunch - char grilled spinach & meat pies - delish!  Even though I was famished it was difficult to stop & eat. Good thing Prochem brought lunch in for us -  

A gallery of results will be shown in my next post. So stay tuned!


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