The Stanley Cup in the New England Aquarium: Stitchwitch goes to CloudForce Boston

The Stanley Cup in the New England Aquarium: Stitchwitch goes to CloudForce Boston

Even the fish were celebrating

Last Thursday was a great day to be in Boston!

Some people actually spend their spare time making replicas of the Stanley Cup out of aluminum foil. Who knew?

Here are some photos that my husband took on his iPhone. The Bruins are actually arriving in the photo taken through the gate. (I am someplace else finishing a nice bowl of oatmeal with fresh berries.) Not only were people wearing all their Bruins gear, they also brought along their homemade Stanley Cup replicas.  Sorry, I just don’t get it.

Windsor Button

All our trips these days seem to require a sewing related component. Fortunately I have an understanding husband (after he deserted me at breakfast to go see the Bruins bus arrive how could he say no?)

Because it was conveniently on our way to Cloudforce of course we had to stop at Windsor Button. Both the Park Street and Downtown Crossing T-stops will bring you within a block of the store. Ah, this is the way notion shops used to look. If you need a special button or fastening and are in the neighborhood Windsor Button is worth a look.

Assorted button $5 a box
my selections of the day

Finally I arrive at CloudForce 2011

Marc Benioff was busy but the mascot was available for a photo

Even after all the distractions I was there on time for registration at 11:30 am, ready & waiting for the 12:30 keynote speaker, Marc Benioff, Chairman, CEO & cloud computing visionary.  His 2-hour presentation on & social enterprise just flew by – I never even thought about sewing for one minute of it!


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