The Snake and the Singer (sewing machine)

The Snake and the Singer (sewing machine)

Snakes Alive!!

Just to keep things interesting at our home is now serving as a temporary holding place for rescue snakes – i.e. pet snakes that people don’t want anymore. We already have tree frogs, anoles, and some fish of our own, plus a few caterpillars that we are watching turn into butterflies in a container.  Two eight foot long snakes – a boa and a carpet python  –  are living in our den temporarily.  My husband, an amateur herpetologist and member of the Maine Herpetological Society, is now a snake rescuer.  I guess that makes me the den mother.  This guy posing on my sewing machine is a carpet python.

What do snakes have to do with sewing?  About an hour after our photo shoot this one shed his skin – amazing to watch. The shed skin is now drying in our dining room mounted on to cardboard with straight pins. Every nature printer’s dream – an 8 foot long shed snake skin!  Just imagine all the fabric that I can print with that!

I never had a sewing machine for a friend
His tail only needed a little mending
As a "carpet" python he has always been interested in fabric
snake with mouth open
Hey! I think I'll hang here for awhile

4 thoughts on “The Snake and the Singer (sewing machine)

    1. Melissa – thanks for visiting our blog. We hope to show a video of the python shedding. Also il be demonstrating how to print fabric with the shed snakeskin.


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