Decorate Event at Liberty of London

Decorate Event at Liberty of London

I’m glad I was able to attend Holly Becker’s Decorate Table Setting demonstration at Liberty; it is, after all, less than a five-minute walk from my office.  The event packed the newly opened “The Dining Room” at Liberty.  Holly, along with Sania Pell (stylist & designer based in the UK) and Leslie Shewring (interior decorator based in LA) each spoke briefly about the table setup and the thoughts that went into putting it together.  The table was designed with Liberty fabrics and products.  Can you imagine having the opportunity to set and design your dining room table with anything/everything you could find at Liberty?  Kid in a candy store effect for interior designers…or anyone for that matter.

I am, by no means, an interior decorator but I was keen to learn all tips and tricks these three experts were willing to share.    The table décor had a vintage theme.  The did some really cute things.  Some of my favorites, that are feasible to DIY, where the chandelier that they had made by striping a lamp shade and with a little bit of double stick tape coating it with fabric (ribbon works too).  Although they weren’t part of the table décor, they had made birdhouses in a similar fashion by shaping a coat hanger into a square, coating with fabric, and hanging windows and doors – very cute and a great touch for spring.  They made napkin rings that the guest could keep and wear as a brooch!  Sania shared that you could make these at home by layering cloth flowers (trace onto fabric and cut out, or cut circles and cut into flower shapes) and attaching them using a button.  Love them!  Their use of old books and spray-painted cans as vases brilliantly brought it all together. 


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